Foreign Agent explosive link - WP demand answers

Ireland's sovereignty breached, international law broken.  Irish government must make facts known and name country involved says Finnegan.

Michael Finnegan
WP President Michael Finnegan

The President of the Workers Party, Michael Finnegan, has called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin to give a full statement in relation to the explosives find in Dorset Street, Dublin today in which it is reported that a foreign security agency was involved.


Mr. Finnegan said that if a foreign government was covertly involved in bringing explosives into this country then it was a very serious matter and the government needed to take firm action, up to and including the expulsion of that country’s ambassador and any diplomatic personnel that may have been implicated.


The Workers Party president called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs to name the country involved and to fully explain what happened and how the situation came to light.  “It is simply not acceptable that this affair be brushed under the carpet with the excuse that to state the facts publicly would compromise national security.  It has already been compromised by this unfriendly act”, said he said.


“Any attempt by a foreign state to import explosives into this country using their own agents or international mercenaries or to undertake any exercise with military undertones is breaching Irish neutrality and is a hostile act.  Suggestions that this was about testing Ireland’s anti-terrorist security arrangements are simply not acceptable.  This was a blatant breach of international law and Ireland needs to make that point very firmly to the country or countries involved”, said Mr. Finnegan.


Issued 5th January 2010

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