Workers' Party comment on Pat Finucane case

The following statement has been issued by the Workers' Party in relation to the latest revelations surrounding the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.


The revelations last week surrounding the murder of Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane demonstrate that the British Government also has questions to answer about its role in Northern Ireland and the part it played in the murder of innocent people and the prolonging of the terrorist campaigns.


What is not now in dispute is the fact the British Government engaged in collusion with paramilitaries, that it actively engaged in actions similar to the terrorist groups themselves, and that all of this was politically sanctioned. The Finucane family, like many others in Northern Ireland, deserve truth and justice about the circumstances of the murder of their loved ones. That the forces of the state engaged in such actions is totally unacceptable and some sort of process to bring those responsible to account is clearly required.
Issued 16th December 2012

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics