Lisbon Treaty - WP position

Workers' Party will be calling for a "No" vote on the Lisbon Treaty

The Workers' Party will be calling for a "No" vote in the forthcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The party sees the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty as representing a further erosion of Ireland’s now seriously limited sovereignty and neutrality and a further copper-fastening of a capitalist market economy as the only one acceptable in Europe regardless of the will of the people. 


The Workers' Party is also seriously concerned at the lack of accountability the newly strengthened EU institutions will have and that rather than making the workings of the European Union more transparent and accountable as well as accessible to the ordinary people of Ireland and the other EU member states these institutes will become even more remote and the democratic deficit will further increase.


The party is currently in the course of preparing a comprehensive policy document on the Lisbon Treaty which will be unveiled shortly.

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