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Findings of Irish Times poll welcomed, but Workers Party is not complacent

The Workers Party has welcomed the findings of  today’s (Friday) TNS / MRBI poll on behalf of the Irish Times which has recorded a major shift in public opinion towards a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.


Workers Party campaign director Padraig Mannion said the poll, which shows a 17% swing to the No campaign gives the No vote a 5% lead, was indicative of the feedback the party was getting at the doors and at the various public meetings the party had held around the country.


“There is no doubt that this reflects an actual surge of opposition to the Lisbon Treaty among voters because that is what voters have been telling us during our campaign.  They are not impressed with the hysterical alarm calls of the Yes side and they will not be bullied into voting for this change in the Irish constitution.  They have seen through the propaganda and media bias”, said Mr. Mannion.


“It is important to stress also”, he said, “that opposition is not merely about the lack of information.  Many workers in particular are genuinely concerned about the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty as they affect workers rights”.


“The Workers’ Party is not complacent about this poll.  We will be redoubling our campaign over the next few days for a No vote.  We are well aware that the establishment is not going to roll over and they will do everything possible to reverse the trend before the actual vote on Thursday.  Our campaign will go up a gear this weekend to ensure the Lisbon Treaty is rejected”, Mr. Mannion said.


Issued 6th June 2008

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