WP President on Lisbon

Statement from Workers Party President Michael Finnegan

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan speaking after the party’s Ard Comairle  meeting on Saturday 14th June made the following statement:-


“Having campaigned, along with other progressive organisation, for a NO Vote, the Workers’ Party is concerned at the noises coming from the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union and the attitude of the Taoiseach Mr Brian Cowen and leading YES campaigners to the future”.


“It must be made clear by An Taoiseach when he meets the other EU leaders that Irish voters were told time and time again that the Lisbon Treaty required to be passed by all 27 countries of the Union.  Without the 27 countries agreeing the Treaty falls, no ifs or buts, the Treaty falls”.


“Attempts now by leading politicians in Ireland and in Europe, assisted by bureaucrats in Brussels, to ignore the democratic wishes of the Irish people and many millions of voters in Europe must be resisted.  It is time for the European Parliament, the only elected body in the European Union, to assert its moral and legitimate democratic voice and insist that there be no negating of the Irish voters democratic decision”.


“We have made the point on many occasions that the European Union has a crippling credibility gap, not only in Ireland but throughout the Union.  The bureaucracy dominating the Union, the parliament is seen as remote and uncaring by most of the European Union’s citizens.  Their reaction to the Irish voters’ decision on Thursday 12th June confirms the above viewpoint of the Irish people”.


“I will conclude with one further point that arose during the referendum campaign.  This was the refusal of the Taoiseach Brian Cowen to bring forward legislation, asked for by the SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor, which would copperfasten workers’ rights under the Charter of Fundamental Rights.  The failure of the Taoiseach to enact this legislation underscores who makes the laws today for Irish workers bureaucrats in Brussels acting on behalf of capitalism”.


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