Finnegan condemns Shell / state tactics

Workers Party describes Corrib Gas deal as "daylight robbery" and has called for an end to intimidation of the people of Erris

Maura Harrington at Workers Party Ard Fheis 2005
Maura Harrington addressing WP Ard Fheis 2005

The President of the Workers’ Party has pledged his party’s continuing support to the community of Rossport and the Erris peninsula in the ongoing struggle of the Shell to Sea campaign.


Mr. Michael Finnegan said, "At this critical time The Workers' Party wishes to convey our total and continuing support for the struggle of the people of Rossport and environs against the depredations of Shell Oil and its cohorts, against the abject surrender of the State to big oil, and of the deployment of the Gardaí and Naval Service who are being used as the enforcers for this profit-hungry international consortium".


Speaking at a Workers’ Party meeting in Ballyfermot, Dublin last night,  Mr.  Finnegan stated that on a national level the Corrib Gas deal represented daylight robbery of Ireland’s natural resources and on a local level it represented an ongoing and life-threatening danger to local residents and local fishermen.


"Shell Oil", said Mr Finnegan, "or indeed any of the other companies in the Corrib project have no loyalty to the Irish people or the people of Mayo. They have no respect for the environment as can be seen from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. They have no respect democracy, human rights, or the rights of indigenous people as is most blatantly seen in Nigeria. Their only loyalty is to their corporate shareholders and expanding their already bloated profit margins. We must ask why they are in Mayo, and say quite clearly that they, and their bullying tactics, are not welcome".


"Since the early 1970s", continued Mr Finnegan, "the Workers Party has highlighted the robbery of our natural resources by international conglomerates and the collusion in this robbery by both the Irish government and the gombeen Irish capitalist class. From the Tynagh Mines to the Kinsale Gas field, or from the Navan Mines to the present day Corrib Gas robbery nothing has changed except the names of some of the actors. Our Natural Gas, one of the most valuable commodities in the world; will be pumped away without one Cent in royalties or profits going to our cash-strapped government coffers. The complete irony is that the Norwegian Government, through their ownership of Statoil, will end up with over 25% of the profits from the Corrib field."


"Once again we congratulate the Rossport Five, Maura Harrington, and all those other local residents who, against all the odds and the forces of the state, are confronting the might of the international oil giants in the interests of their local community"


*Note: photo above shows Maura Harrington addressing the Workers' Party Ard Fheis in 2005 shortly after the release of five members of her local community (The Rossport Five) who had spent 94 days in prison for resisting the Corrib gas pipeline. 


Issued 11th September 2008

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