Bank Bailout "Reprehensible" - WP

Workers' Party accuse government of playing "Russian Roulette" with taxpayer's money

Padraig Mannion
Padraig Mannion

The Workers’ Party has accused the government of playing “Russian Roulette” with taxpayer’s money with its guarantee to the banks of an unlimited bailout for loans and deposits.


Workers’ Party Research Officer Padraig Mannion said that at a time when the government is threatening to cut medical card entitlements to the over 70s and introduce swingeing cuts across the board in the forthcoming budget it was reprehensible that the state was preparing to write a blank cheque for the banks.  These were the very institutions who, along with their international counterparts, had played a major role in creating the economic crisis in the first place.


“Minister Brian Lenihan is prepared to bankrupt the Irish people in order to shore up the banks.  This is as clear a statement of this government’s twisted priorities as we shall ever get.   The coalition government is firmly welded to globalisation even though it is literally on the ropes and is prepared to back it regardless of the consequences for ordinary working people and their families”, said Mr. Mannion.


Issued 30th September 2008

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