Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Climb down on 1% levy for lowest paid welcome, but more cutbacks to come warns McGuinness

Pic: Andrew McGuinness
Andrew McGuinness

The Workers Party have welcomed the decision of the government this afternoon (Tuesday) to remove those on the Minimum Wage from the target list for the 1% income levy but say that it is not enough and the party has warned that the government will now be targeting new cutbacks to pay for this and for the partial climb-down on medical cards for over 70s.


Dublin South Central Workers Party spokesman Andrew McGuinness said that the government was in disarray following the medical cards debacle and was floundering in an ocean of its own lies and duplicity.


“The Workers Party believes that the 1% income levy on all workers, regardless of their ability to pay was a blunt instrument and that instead they should have gone after those with the highest incomes not through a levy, but through a higher tax band for those on over €120,000.  The levy will still have to be paid by people on very modest incomes and the government did absolutely nothing to target big businesses or multinationals, while they actually gave a massive bail-out to the banks”, said Mr. McGuinness.


“After its double climb-down today the government now must find €150m to €300 million to bridge the gap and the Workers Party will be watching very closely for new cutbacks. They have made it clear that they will only recoup this money from within the same budget areas so in effect they will rob Peter to pay Paul”, the Workers Party spokesman stated.


Issued 21st October 2008

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