Scrapping of cervical cancer vaccination condemned

Cervical cancer vaccination scheme would have cost a fraction of the Tribunals

Jackie Connolly
Jackie Connolly

Cork North Central Workers’ Party representative Jackie Connolly has condemned the government’s decision to cancel the vaccination of 12 year old girls against the virus which causes cervical cancer saying that the €10 million annual cost of the scheme was a drop in the water compared with the amount already wasted on the Mahon Tribunal.


Ms. Connolly said that, in her view, the vaccination scheme had not gone far enough and that the vaccine should have been offered to all girls under the age of 18.


“It has already been estimated that the Mahon Tribunal, which finished its public hearings last week, will cost at least €300 million to the Irish taxpayers, much of it going to lawyers.  How can Mary Harney and her government colleagues justify a saving of €10 million on a scheme that may save the lives of thousands of young women?   The policy of this government is that wealth is more important than health”, said Jackie Connolly.


Issued 5th November 2008

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