Beamish - the death of manufacturing in Ireland

Brewery Closure represents a break in Cork's centuries old manufacturing tradition

Pic: Beamish & Crawford brewery, Cork.
Beamish & Crawford - to close in March 2009

The Workers’ Party have said that the decision of Heineken Ireland to close the Beamish & Crawford brewery in Cork marks another break in the city’s long industrial tradition and the party have said the state is over-reliant on the services sector as a means of employment creation.


Cork Workers Party chairman Ted Tynan said that the loss of another 120 jobs in the city would add to the growing despondency concerning employment locally and while new jobs announced today were to be welcomed the manufacturing tradition which Cork was proud of for centuries seemed to be dying.


“The end of brewing at South Main Street after 226 years of Beamish & Crawford and at least another 200 years before that by the brewery’s predecessors represents the death of part of Cork’s manufacturing past”, said Mr. Tynan.


Issued 4th December 2008

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