Davy Walsh sole opponent of refuse charges

Workers' Party stand by election pledges while SF, Independent and Labour all endorse double taxation of PAYE workers

Waterford Workers Party Councillor Davy Walsh explains why he voted against the estimates in last nights (Monday) vote in City Hall, on an amendment put by Cllr. Tom Cunningham. It was passed 14 for and 1 against.

”The Governments left Waterford City Council short over €700,000 in rates support this year. This has caused a detrimental effect in balancing the books in Waterford City Council.  Included in the book of estimates were proposals to create  redundancies worth €1.3 million, due to the cancelling of contracts and not filling vacancies. The refuse collection, while I am totally opposed to the privatization of the collection; I cannot stomach the imposition of €160 flat charge, the grey bin increased to  €8, the green bin increased to €4 and the brown bin free. Anyone availing of the waiver system must now pay €50 per head per year  for collection”.

 There will be major cutbacks in spending by the city council across the boatd and commercial rates  are to be increase by 0.6%.  Rents will increase, parking charges will increase by 30p per hour and commercial water rates  will now cost. €2.30 per cubic litre”

”The current financial situation was not brought about by the pensioners and the unemployed or by the ordinary worker. In the main these are the people who are being asked to fund the short-fall. Since 1977 when the Government removed rates from domestic dwellings they have reneged on their commitment to properly fund local government. Somebody has to take a stand against this. The Government would be better served if they punished the speculators and the banks for bringing about this crisis.  Get rid of their quango's which are costing the country millions. To review their army of special advisors which are attached to every department, thus further saving huge amounts of money”.

”This uncaring Government of the Greens and Fianna Fail are bringing in savage cutbacks in Health and Education thus furthering their attacks on the working class. What must not be lost through this debate is that the schools are going to be charged for water, even thought their capitation grants fall way short of what is needed. No self respecting Socialist could possibly accept this Budget”, said Cllr. Walsh.


Issued 15th December 2008

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics