Frustration at delay in release of Sean Garland

Statement from Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers' Party

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan, has expressed his frustration on behalf of party members at the delay in the release of Sean Garland.   


Mr. Finnegan said, “In order for Sean to be released we are required to provide up to date medical reports as to his condition.  As these are specialist reports it is taking some time to do so.   We are working to obtain these in the fastest possible time.  As soon as that is done we will make our application for Sean’s release.  We are fully confident that such an application will be successful”. 


“In the meantime Sean, his family and party members are heartened by the continuing messages of support and solidarity which we are receiving from at home and abroad.  We will keep people fully informed of the situation.  We repeat our demand that this ludicrous request from Condoleezza Rice should be rejected out of hand”.


Issued Wednesday, 4th February 2009

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics