S.R. Technics closure

1,100 jobs lost due to government's privatisation agenda

The Workers’ Party have said that the blame for the closure of S.R. Technics and the loss of 1,100 jobs at the Dublin northside facility lies with the government’s privatisation policy.


Ballymun based Workers’ Party representative John Dunne said that the closure was a tremendous blow to an area which already had a high level of unemployment and represented a further step in the decimation of industry in this country.


Mr. Dunne said that the company had gone from being a success story for the public sector as TEAM Aer Lingus to an empty shell purely because government policy was to destroy the state sector.


“Team Aer Lingus was an innovative and successful enterprise launched by one of our most successful state companies, Aer Lingus.  Now it is being consigned to history and Aer Lingus is just a shadow of its former self.   The demise of S.R. Technics is a salutary lesson to workers who were duped into giving up their job security on a promise of better times ahead which never transpired”.


Issued 12th February 2009

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics