WP slam Cork hospital plans

Scale-down of St. Mary's Orthopaedic Hospital would be "the beginning of the end" says Jackie Connolly

Jackie Connolly
Jackie Connolly

Cork North Central Workers Party representative Jackie Connolly has said that all community and local interest groups on the Northside of the city should stand together and vigorously oppose any plans for the scaling-down of services at St. Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital.


Ms. Connolly said that the proposals outlined in the Review of Acute Services in HSE South area would spell the beginning of the end for the Orthopaedic and would also impact severely on other hospitals in the region.


“The proposal to turn the Orthopaedic into a long-stay rehabilitation centre for elderly patients will strip the hospital of the essential elements that make it a hospital as opposed to a glorified nursing home.  It would also spell the end of the last acute hospital service on the Northside of Cork”.


The Workers Party representative also pointed out that transfer of orthopaedic services to the Mercy University Hospital would create a further major burden on that hospital’s ability to cope.  “I predict that far from transferring orthopaedic services across the river to the Mercy we will instead see many of these patients being moved to Dublin rather than being treated and recovering in their own communities”, said Jackie Connolly.


“I am now calling on all community, sporting, residents and other groups on the Northside to stand together as one in opposing this move.  This plan is a recipe for disaster and must not go ahead”, the Workers Party spokeswoman said.


Issued Tuesday, 26th March 2009

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