WP lash IBEC over welfare cuts call

Demand from Employer's body utterly despicable says Crowley

Photo Mick Crowley
Mick Crowley, WP Candidate Cork North West

The Workers Party has strongly condemned a call from the employer's organisation IBEC for social welfare cuts to be included in next weeks emergency budget, describing the demand as 'despicable'.
Cork North West representative Mick Crowley said the call, in IBEC's budget submimssion, was "the lowest of the low" and showed the depth of contempt of the employer's body for working class people, many of whom have been thrown on the unemployment scrapheap recently by the same employers and some without receiving their proper entitlements from IBEC members.
"This demand from IBEC for social welfare cuts is utterly contemptible from an organisation which regularly has to be brought kicking and screaming to the Labour Relations Commission in order for workers to have their basic rights and entitlements granted.  Added to that is the audacity of IBEC demanding handouts for employers from the government in a budget that is set to be the most vicious in living memory", said Mr. Crowley.
"Instead of cutting social welfare as IBEC are demanding, the government should instead introduce a wealth tax for the super-rich and immediately increase Corporation Tax for big business in line with other European countries.  The Minister for Finance should also abolish the many tax shelters and incentives which have made fortunes for developers and speculators, many of whom are wealthy IBEC members.", the Workers' Party spokesman said.
Issued 2nd April 2009

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