Cork WP demo at major AIB branch

Banks worked hand in glove with speculators and must be nationalised says Tynan

Cork Workers Party members picket AIB today on South Mall


The Workers' Party in Cork held a protest demonstration at lunchtime today (Tuesday) outside the main Allied Irish Banks branch on the city's South Mall financial district in advance of this afternoon's budget.


Cork Workers’ Party chairman Ted Tynan said that the decision to protest in the city’s major financial district on South Mall was to highlight the role played by the banking institutions in destabilising the economy and also the government’s fixation with saving the banks while ordinary workers and their families bear the brunt of the crisis.


Mr. Tynan said that the demonstration was aimed at the corporate directors of the AIB and other banks and not against ordinary bank workers who are also PAYE workers.


“The banks and financial institutions worked hand in glove with greedy property speculators and developers in a crazy scramble for instant financial gain regardless of the consequences.  They have left thousands of people in severe difficulty in their wake and the whole economy is in turmoil.  Instead of punishing the banks they are instead being shored up with billions of Euro of taxpayer’s money while today ordinary people face an emergency budget that is likely to be the most vicious in the history of the state”


“At the same time we have pensioners denied their Medical Cards, unemployment heading towards half a million, savage cuts in hospital services, education and disability services while prices for electricity, home heating and other essentials are still far too expensive.  Meanwhile thousands of people have seen their pension funds disappear overnight and people who worked hard all their lives are being left with nothing to fall back on.  All this because of the greed of the banks and their friends in big political establishment parties, and Fianna Fáil in particular”, said Ted Tynan.



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