May Day 2009


“As we celebrate May Day, the International Workers Day, Irish workers face their greatest challenge in many decades and are under assault by the forces of capitalism as never before in living memory”, said Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers Party in his May Day address today (Friday)


“The coming Local and European elections, coupled with two bye-Elections, provide the working class with the opportunity to pass judgement on the policies and actions of this coalition government.  In times like this the public sector becomes the whipping boy for the media and their bosses who never point out that many, many thousands of public sector workers and also PAYE workers are existing on the minimum wage”. 


“We need to point out that firemen and women, Gardaí, Council workers at all levels, nurses, cleaners, teachers – all are the public sector and an attack on them is an attack on the essential services that they provide”. 


“The main priority of the government in the present crisis has been to shore up the banks.  It was clear from day one that it is the banks that are setting the agenda and the government have been dancing to their tune.  No real effort has been made to reform or restructure the banks


“The banks must be nationalised and one major state bank be established to cater for the country’s needs in banking.  We propose to the trade union movement that it should establish a workers’ co-operative bank which would be run for the benefit of workers and their families”. 


“On this May Day, the day on which we celebrate the struggle of the international working class movement to achieve equality and justice, we remember all those who gave their lives in the struggle and are still fighting for freedom”, said the Workers’ Party President.


“In this present crisis of capitalism, the most serious in its history, we must expose the system for what it is - a ruthless and savage economic system which is maintained by greed, corruption and where and sometimes by armed force which in history has led to the slaughter of millions upon millions of people.  Capitalism in the EU will close factories, drive farmers off the land, deprive fishermen of the right to fish in Irish waters, shut down hospitals and schools, and will curtail civil liberties because at the end of the day it s principal aim is profit, not the good of people”. 


“It is not the task of the working class to save capitalism – rather its task to abolish capitalism and replace it with a system which puts the needs and concerns of workers and their families first and foremost”, said Michael Finnegan..


May 1st, 2009

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics