Children victims of bank bailout

Cutbacks at National Children's Hospital totally unacceptable - McGuinness

Andrew McGuinness
Andrew McGuinness

The Workers Party have said that it is totally unacceptable that day-care and outpatient services are being cut by at least 15% at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin while the cost of the banking bailout intensifies on a daily basis.


Andrew McGuinness, Workers Party candidate in Ballyfermot-Drimnagh, said that the decision was “a cut too far” and would have serious repercussions for sick children and their families.


“It is clear that no service, no matter how essential, is safe from cutbacks as the banks continue to make even more demands on a dramatically shrinking economy.  Yesterday, in the wake of the Monageer Report, it was made clear that no funds would be available for a national out of hours social work service and today we have the country’s leading children’s hospital cutting back drastically on day-care and outpatient clinics. This is surely a mark of a society and a government with all its priorities wrong”, said Andrew McGuinness.


Issued 13th May 2009

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