Councillor Davy Walsh - Waterford City North

Councillor Davy Walsh - Waterford City North

Councillor Davy Walsh is one of the most experienced councillors in the country. He has represented the people of Waterford since 1979. Over that time Davy has been to the forefront of every major progressive  campaign and agitation that has taken place in the city.

     In particular Davy has led the Fight Against Service Charges. In 1982 he was the first councillor in the country to move a motion objecting to the imposition of domestic water rates, and he is still to the forefront of that campaign.        

     A right-wing pact has always denied Davy the position of Lord Mayor of Waterford. However he has widespread experience of many committees and is a member of:


  • The South East Regional Authority 
  • Waterford City VEC;
  • Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee;
  • Transportation & Infrastructural Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)
  • Economic Development & Planning SPC
  • Chairman of Waterford / St. Herblain Town Twinning committee.


 As a young man Davy won three county hurling titles in different grades with Mount Sion and Dunhill.


In the forthcoming Local Elections Davy’s priorities will be fighting service charges; preserving vital Council services for the people of Waterford, and making Local Government more accountable.

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