Willie Moore - Waterford City South

Willie Moore
Willie Moore - Waterford City South

Willie Moore,  a Workers’ Party member of long-standing,  is a new candidate in Waterford City South (formerly Ward 3) for the local elections in June 2009.


     For the last 30 years Willie has been involved in every party agitation and activity and was centrally involved with all our candidates and councillors in Waterford generally and Ward 3 in particular.


       Willie has been a well-known and respected community activist all his life and presently he is:


  • A member of Ballybeg Community Drug Network;
  • A member of Waterford Community Drug Initiative;
  • A member of Waterford Area Partnership;
  • A member of Ballybeg Community Development
  • Member of Ballybeg Action Group;
  • Founder Member of Clonard Residents’ Association;
  • The Chairpeson and Child Protection Officer of Saint Saviour’s AFC.


In the forthcoming Local Elections Willie Moore’s priorities will be fighting service charges; preserving vital Council services for the people of Waterford, and making Local Government more accountable.

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