Launch of Dublin Central by-election capaign

Workers Party candidate Malachy Steenson's campaign launched at Press Conference today (Thursday)

Speaking at a Press Conference today in Buswell's Hotel to launch Malachy Steenson's Bye-Election campaign Michael Finnegan, the Workers Party president, stated:


"This election provides voters an opportunity to express your anger at the Fianna Fáil / Green government who have been responsible for the misery working people in Dublin Central are now facing.  Fianna Fáil and the Greens would like people to believe that they have been powerless in the face of an international and global economic crisis not of their making. The truth is rather different. It has been because FF bought, lock stock and barrel, into the neo-liberal economic agenda, the pursuit of private profit at the expense of the public good, economic policies which favoured the banks, speculators and big builders over the needs of working people in deprived constituencies like Dublin Central, that we are in the mess we are".


"The years of the Celtic Tiger have done nothing to improve the quality of life for communities in Dublin Central who have lived all their lives in poverty, inadequate housing conditions, poor job opportunities and the scourge of drugs and crime. Neither Fianna Fáil nor Fine Gael can offer the working people of Dublin Central any hope for the future or any chance that meaningful change can be realised by voting for them".


"The Workers Party have always sought to represent the interests of the working class. We know that real change will only happen when working people give their political support to a Party of their own class. The events of the past year have demonstrated all too clearly that FF and FG represent the politics of greed, privilege and corruption. They have nothing to offer working people".


"It is now time for the working class voters of Dublin Central to register their anger and disgust at an economic system which rewards the wealthy few at the expense of the many. It is the system which needs changing, not the faces around the cabinet table. I am calling for working people to vote Number 1 for the Workers Party as the surest means possible to begin the process of real political change in this country. It is clear from the reactions on the doorsteps that people want rid of this FF / Green/PD Government. We need a general election to do that, and after June 5th - when it will be demonstrated in Dublin Central and around the country that people have no faith in this discredited government - the Taoiseach Brian Cowen should resign and allow the people to have their say".


"Let me also say that replacing FF with a FG led Government will be no improvement. For real change to happen, for a new government with different values and principles, one committed to meeting the needs of the great majority not the wealthy few, then we must have a socialist led government. There is an enormous responsibility on the part of the Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore in this respect".


"Up and down the country working people, trade union activists and those in other left wing parties and groupings are looking for real change brought about by socialist policies. There is a real opportunity for this to happen. Those in positions of responsibility and leadership in the Labour Party and the Trade Union Movement must take the lead in convening a conference to formulate the Left Alternative to the politics of the right as represented by FF and FG".


Dublin central candidate Malachy Steenson said that transferring votes to the Labour candidate Ivana Bacik in the by election would be a first small step in building this new left alternative.


Issued Thursday, 21st May 2009

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics