Coleraine murder was naked sectarian killing

Murder condemned by Workers Party

The Workers Party have condemned the brutal beating to death of a 49 year old Coleraine man as an act of naked sectarian murder.


Workers’ Party General Secretary and Belfast spokesman John Lowry said that the killing of 49 year old father of four Kevin McDaid was a callous act which had to be condemned by all right thinking people.


“The particularly brutal nature of the killing of Kevin McDaid was appalling.  He was beaten and kicked to death by a gang of up to 30 people and somebody must have information which could bring his killers to justice.  I would appeal to anyone who knows anything to pass on this information to the police because no society can call itself civilised as long as such people can be sheltered”.


“The death of Mr. McDaid is also a stark reminder of how far Northern Ireland still has to travel to achieve not just peace, but reconciliation.  Sectarianism is a crime no matter which side commits it and must be eliminated through education, tolerance and reconciliation”, said John Lowry.


Issued 25th May 2009

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics