Anglo Bank - no more taxpayers money for black hole bank

Banking levy hitting workers hard this week - no mood for more money for banks

Ted Tynan
Ted Tynan - Cork North East

The Workers’ Party have said that the government should not put one cent more into Anglo Irish Bank saying there was no hope of retrieving the investment.


Reacting to a government statement that it would invest €4 Billion in the bank over the next few weeks, Cork City North East candidate Ted Tynan described Anglo as a “black hole” bank and said the state had about as much chance of a return on the bank as if the Minister for Finance went into a bookies shop and put the money on a badly off-form horse.


“This week hundreds of thousands of workers are opening their pay packets to find their wages slashed through the now doubled banking levy.   They do not want any more money invested in shoring up the banks and want to see it invested instead into hospitals, jobs, schools and housing.  This government constantly talks about kick-starting the economy but all it is doing is kicking it to death”, said Ted Tynan.


29th May 2009

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