Eve of Poll Statement


Photo: WP President Michael Finnegan
Workers Party President Michael Finnegan

Statement from the Workers Party President Michael Finnegan issued last night (5th June).  Polling in the local, European and Dublin by-elections takes place TODAY, Friday 6th June 2009.  Polls opened at 07.00 this morning and remain open until 10.00 tonight.  

If you have not received your polling card in the post by now you are still eligible to vote once you are registered

Bring identification, such as a passport, driving licence, an employee or student photo ID card.

The President of the Workers' Party Michael Finnegan has urged voters to give a strong message to the government in tomorrow's elections that it has no mandate for its policies of bailing out the banks and forcing working people to pay for the greed of speculators, bankers and corrupt individuals at the highest level in Irish politics.
Mr. Finnegan also said that tomorrow's local elections and the Dublin Central by-election had the potential to give the Workers Party a very strong base to grow from and he expressed confidence that the party would make important gains in the election.
The present Fianna Fáil government, propped up by a spineless Green Party which had abandoned all vestiges of self-respect, was a government living on borrowed time.   "Tomorrow's elections may not see the government out but the verdict of the people will be so damning as to set the beginning of the end in motion for a government which has squandered the best ever opportunity ever to make real advances for the Irish people and society". 
Mr. Finnegan said that voters had a chance to pay Brian Cowen's government back in kind for the constant attacks on workers and their families.  
"When people are voting tomorrow they should not forget the mean and vicious acts of the present government in withdrawing Medical Cards for the over 70s, scrapping the cervical cancer screening programme for women and girls, imposing a callous double levy on PAYE workers in order to shore up the banks and perhaps most of all the governments scandalous cuts in health, education, special needs education, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost", said Mr. Finnegan.
The Workers Party President said that the alternative offered by Fine Gael and its willing partners in government in the Labour Party was more cuts, perhaps even greater attacks on workers and the introduction of workfare, while Sinn Féin had already shown itself ready and willing to jump into the coalition bed with anyone just as the Green Party had so shamelessly done before.
The Workers' Party, said Michael Finnegan, offered a clear, unambiguous socialist alternative - a party that would stand by working people and their families come what may and is not prepared to be bought or surrender for the sake of office.
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