Attack on Roma families condemned

Paddy Lynn
Paddy Lynn, South Belfast

Paddy Lynn, Workers Party representative for South Belfast, has given his full support to those residents of Belgravia Avenue and Wellesley Avenue in South Belfast who have called on the people of the area to protest outside the Mace shop on the Lisburn Rd against continuous racist attacks on Roma families.


For the past five days gangs have attacked the homes of Roma families every evening, smashing windows and shouting racist abuse as well as Combat 18 (a fascist group) slogans. A number of people have been injured and children of the family are severely traumatised.


In the course of attack on a house on Wellesley Avenue, a note dropped through the letterbox is thought to have contained text from Hitlers Mein Kampf. Police have been called to the scenes of these attacks but as yet there have been no arrests.



Last year senior UVF figures told a journalist that as paramilitary violence has ebbed a nucleus of younger loyalists who wished to emulate Combat 18 has developed, Paddy Lynn stated. This followed an attack by up to 50 fascist thugs on a bar in April 2008 where Celtic supporters were watching a football match. In that incident a 32 year-old man had his throat cut.

 More recently, Mr Lynn continued, Kevin McDaid, a 49 year old father of four, was beaten and kicked to death by a gang of up to 30 people.

 During the darkest years of the Troubles our Party advanced the simple but powerful slogan, Sectarianism Kills Workers’”, Paddy Lynn continued. Unfortunately, this is as true and relevant in 2009 as it was then. Indeed, we must also now add ugly racism to already lethal sectarian mix. Moreover, this racist thuggery is not confined to one side of the sectarian house. In February this year a dissident group calling itself Saor Uladh was out and about in West Belfast terrorising foreign nationals.

The Workers Party calls for an end to all such fascist vigilantism and will work with all concerned citizens, with the police, with the trades unions and with all genuine community and political activists against any expressions of fascism on this island."

Issued Tuesday, 16th June 2009

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