Invest NI needs to get priorities right - Lowry

Job creation body brought to task by Workers Party

Workers’ Party General Secretary, John Lowry, has reacted with dismay to findings by the Belfast Telegraph that nearly 3,000 jobs have been axed from companies in the North West supported by Invest Northern Ireland, with more job-losses from Invest Ni funded companies in the pipeline.

“When asked to comment on the substantial job cuts by the nine multinational companies which have been given in excess of 50m in grant assistance by Invest NI and its predecessor agencies, a spokesman for Invest NI said: ‘Offers (of financial assistance) aren't always associated with employment creation. Each is individually negotiated.’”

“This is a startling admission”, Mr Lowry continued. “If money isn’t given to these multinationals on the understanding that it will produce jobs, then the public deserves to be told precisely what the priorities of Invest NI might be. After all, the public finances the quango to the tune of 150 million per year. If public money is invested with something other than the public good in mind, it might be time to consider the role of neo-liberal agencies such as Invest NI.”

“Northern Ireland needs a programme of government in which the development of quality and sustainable employment is the chief and only priority of those charged with job creation.”

Issued 12th August 200

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