Jail, home seizures for workers, bailout for banks

One person jailed for debt every day since bank bailout, home repossessions by banks at a record high

Cllr. Ted Tynan
Cllr. Ted Tynan - calls for worker solidarity

The Workers’ Party have said that the latest information available on house repossessions and civil debt cases shows that nothing has changed in Irish banking culture resulting out of the near collapse of the banking system last year.

Cork Workers Party councillor Ted Tynan was speaking in the wake of reports that at least one person a day has been jailed for being unable to pay their debts since the banking bailout took place while the number of house repossessions yesterday reached a new record with 18 properties being repossessed on (Monday) alone.

Cllr. Tynan said that the revelations show that the banking institutions have not shown one iota of remorse over their reckless activities which had put the country in severe economic peril and had consigned a new generation of young people to the dole queues or emigration.

“Entire families and communities have been devastated by the banks’ outrageous and uncontrolled behaviour.  Well over a million people face their worst Christmas ever this year and the nation awaits a budget of unprecedented savagery.  The government’s determination to save the banks at all costs, even if this means the economic destruction of the nation, is causing untold hardship in this country and the innocent are suffering.  People can no longer take this lying down”, said Cllr. Tynan.

The Workers’ Party councillor called for widespread public support for next Friday’s national day of action by the trade union movement.  “Workers should refuse to fall for the government’s strategy of dividing public and private sector workers.  We have all come under attack from this government and it is time to fight back and to unite.  Workers did not create the crisis and we must ensure that those who did are the ones who are punished, not ordinary people and their families”, he said.

Issued 3rd November 2009

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