Left offers alternative to sectarian tug of war

Vast majority of people looking in disbelieve as DUP and Sinn Féin go to the brink again

John Lowry
WP General Secretary John Lowry

John Lowry, Workers’ Party General Secretary, commenting on the current political impasse in Northern Ireland, stated: "The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland are looking on in disbelief as the DUP and Sinn Fein go to the brink threatening to pull down the Assembly & Executive in what has become a sectarian tug of war between the two parties.  Whilst the completion of devolution is undoubtedly important, the fact that it has come to this demonstrates the inability of unionism and nationalism to realise the ambition of a transformed Northern Ireland that so many people had hoped for".


"For some time now it has been clear that tribal sectarian politics remain the order of the day.  The Assembly & the Executive have failed to win the support of citizens, and for many people the Assembly and Executive are irrelevant.  This at a time when people are still hurting from the economic recess and crying out for positive action to address the issues – unemployment, housing, debt, cuts in public spending and of course cementing of sectarianism" said Mr. Lowry.


"There is a responsibility particularly on those who describe themselves as being on the left to provide a clear alternative to unionism and nationalism.  We, in the Workers’ Party, will continue to work with others in the search for an electoral platform which can offer hope not only for a new and different Northern Ireland, free of sectarianism but also who can address the urgent need of those who are losing their jobs, are under threat of losing their homes and are faced with a school system which is in crisis.  It is time for socialists to unite in our common interest" concluded John Lowry.

Issued 26th January 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics