Waterford coastguard helicopter vital

Penny-pinching decision will cost lives - Cllr. Davy Walsh.

The Workers’ Party have condemned the government’s decision to downgrade the Waterford Coastguard helicopter rescue service saying the decision will cost lives.


Waterford Workers’ Party Councillor Davy Walsh said that the decision, which will save the government a mere €1 million a year, was an utter disgrace and he believed that the decision will not only endanger lives but will also have serious implications for Waterford Airport.


“Cutting a vital life-saving service such as the Waterford Coastguard for the sake of a miniscule fraction of what this government is throwing at the banks and developers is a scandal.   It is an insult to those brave men and women who have given sterling service to saving lives off our coast over the past decade or more, including the four who lost their lives at Tramore a few years ago.   This is a ruthless decision which will come back to haunt the Cabinet ministers who agreed to it”, said Cllr. Walsh.


The Workers Party councillor said that the decision was a major blow for Waterford Airport and he said it puts into serious question the present government’s commitment to the South East.   “This is not only a decision that will put lives at risk, it will also damage the local economy and shows the contempt with which the present Fianna Fáil / Green Party government has for the Waterford / South east region”, said Davy Walsh.

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