Legislation for X Case is necessary but insufficient

The Workers’ Party has welcomed the publication by the cabinet yesterday of the report by the expert review group on abortion.
Mr Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers Party, stated: "It is clear from the report of the expert group that the only viable way forward for the government is to introduce primary legislation to give effect to the Supreme Court decision in the X case. It is quite appalling that it has taken 20 years to get to this position. We hope that there will be no more delaying tactics by the government, and that there are no excuses like the pressures of holding the EU presidency, to push back the legislative deadline."
    "We would emphasise, continued Mr Finnegan "that the legislation allowed under the X case judgement is quite minimal and totally insufficient to meet the needs of Irish women. Such legislation will not cover termination in the case of an unviable foetus; pregnancy arising from rape; or pregnancy which threatens the health, as opposed to the life, of the mother".
    "The Workers’ Party therefore reiterates our belief in a woman’s right to choose and our support for the provision of free and safe abortion in her own country which will include practical facilities to support women seeking an abortion and quality post-abortion care.   To that end the Party believes that legislation should be introduced with immediate effect to enable women to avail of free and full access to abortion and that in the case of Northern Ireland the Abortion Act 1967 should be extended forthwith.
    "The Workers’ Party opposes the vile attempts to stigmatise and demonise women who have had abortions and who support the right to choose and further condemns those who engage in anti-choice harassment and abuse" concluded Mr Finnegan.

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