Clinton Dublin human rights lecture an affront

US should examine its own abyssmal record before lecturing others

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton - no position to lecture countries

The Workers Party has described the lecture by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at Dublin City University this afternoon (Thursday Dec 6th) as an affront to the cause of human rights and democratic progress around the world.


Ms. Clinton's lecture will attempt to demonstrate the achievements of the United States in the promotion and guaranteeing of human rights around the world.  Before ever looking at the situation around the world Hilary Clinton would do well to examine the abysmal record  of the US in protecting these rights either in her own country or internationally.


The despicable and inhuman treatment of the Cuba Five, and the case of US marine Bradley Manning are but two examples of how the US has shown flagrant disregard for human rights and their protection.


Across the world they are the supporters of regimes which are grossly undemocratic and oppressors of both their own peoples and their neighbours.  How does Hillary Clinton explain US support for Saudi Arabia which denies women the fundamental rights of citizenship, not to mention a feudal judicial system which allows for public beheadings and amputations?


The number of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan has greatly increased under the Obama regime and has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children.


Damning too is the ongoing and unashamed US support for Israel and its oppression of the Palestinian people and occupation of their land.   This was demonstrated once again only last week at the UN when the US refused to support the admission of Palestine as an observer state at the United Nations.


That is the real and shameful record of the US regarding human rights, and Hillary Clinton is the last person who should be lecturing other countries on the issue of human rights and international law.


Issued 6th December 2012

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