Unionism and Nationalism have failed working class people

Workers Party representative in East Belfast, Kevin McNally, has called for an end to attacks on people’s homes in the Short Strand and Newtownards Road areas.

"Sectarian attacks are reprehensible and my thoughts are with those elderly and young people who are living in fear because of them". Mr McNally said

"Whatever the underlying cause of recent riots and street disturbances there can be no justification for attacks on families and their homes, police officers or political representatives".

"The issues which have arisen must be addressed but they can only be resolved when people realise that adherence to sectarian power blocs results in continuing division and at times as we are witnessing now street disorder and worse" Mr McNally said.

"Unionism and nationalism have failed working class people and the new political order at Stormont is clearly out of touch with the needs of working class people on both sides of the sectarian divide".

"Unemployment, social and economic deprivation are the hallmarks of working class communities in Belfast and beyond. No amount of media spin by the Stormont Executive will change that reality. Until we tackle the social and economic malaise, the persistence of sectarianism, which the Stormont Executive has perpetuated, then we cannot expect anything less than what is happening on the streets of East Belfast at the moment.

"I particularly make an appeal to the young people directly involved in these attacks. Who represents your interests? Who is concerned about your future, your job prospects and your quality of life? It is certainly not Unionism or nationalism", concluded Mr McNally.

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