Comrade Sean O Cionnaith

10th Anniversary of the death of Comrade SeŠn ” Cionnaith

7/6/1938 to 16/2/2003

Sean O Cionnaith


SeŠn O' Cionnaith devoted his life to changing society for the benefit of working people.  Every issue he became involved with was of concern to workers and their families.  He organised and fought for the rights of Irish people to have decent homes, a job, a first class health service free and accessible to all, to have an education system properly funded and resourced.

He was a republican in the tradition of Wolfe Tone, always seeking to build the unity of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.  His life was spent seeking to establish a free independent United Irish Socialist Republic.  He was a Socialist who followed the ideals and principles of James Connolly and, like Connolly, he was completely and utterly opposed to Capitalism and all the evils that it creates.

There will be a commemoration/rememberance of the life and work of SeŠn ” Cionnaith held in March, the full details will be available soon.

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics