Anti-Austerity Seminar in Bray

Public Seminar

Who benefits from Austerity?

With Dr Conor McCabe

Thursday 21st March

Strand Hotel @ 8.00pm

Organised by: Bray Workers’ Party

We have had five years of Austerity – five years of cutbacks; hardship; falling wages; attacks on social welfare; rising unemployment.

Every day in our own communities we can see the victims of austerity.


But - Who wins from Austerity?  

And why are the government, the EU and the Troika so in favour of austerity?


These issues are the kernel of Dr McCabe’s seminar.


Padraig Mannion, Workers’ Party research officer, will then expand some of the issues raised by Conor McCabe.


Followed by full debate and discussion from the hall.


Frank Hayes will chair the seminar.


All welcome


Dr Conor McCabe is the author of the acclaimed book, 'Sins of the Father', which analyses the development of the Irish economy throughout the 20th century right up to the current crisis. Dr McCabe currently lectures in the Equality Studies Centre in UCD’s School of Social Justice.

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics