WP picket Minister's office over Minimum wage

Cork Workers' Party members picket Minister's constituency office

Pic: demo at Billy Kelleher TDs offices in Cork
Workers' Party members picket the "Minister for Slave Labour" in Cork

Members of the Workers’ Party held a protest outside the constituency office of the Minister of State for Labour Affairs Billy Kelleher in Cork today (Saturday) in protest at any move to cut the Minimum Wage which the Minister hinted at in a speech earlier this week.


Workers’ Party spokesman Ted Tynan said that while the Minister didn’t openly state that the Minimum Wage should be cut from its present hourly level of €8.65, Mr. Kelleher was strongly hinting at the idea of a cut.


Mr. Tynan pointed out that even after the ministerial pay cut Minister Kelleher and other Junior Ministers were being paid in the region of €2,500 a week while senior ministers get around €4,000 and the Taoiseach picks up a salary of around €5,000 a week, not to mention travel allowances and all the other perks associated with the job.


“Minister Kelleher is advocating an attack on the lowest paid workers in this country to add to the attacks on pensioners and the vicious cuts in disability funding, funding for small local sports and recreational facilities and the general cuts for ordinary workers.    All this is at a time when money is being shovelled into the banks.  It is time to shout Enough is Enough and this is why we are placing this picket on Minister Kelleher’s constituency office this morning.”, said Ted Tynan.


Issued 14th February 2009

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