Fraternal greetings to CP of Greece

Workers Party of Ireland send fraternal greetings to Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on the fight against fascism.
Letter to Comrade Dimitris Koutsoumpas, General Secretary, KKE.
 Dear  Comrade  Dimitris,  

The Workers' Party of Ireland sends its fraternal greetings to our comrades in the KKE and expresses our solidarity following the recent murderous fascist attacks on comrades from the KKE and KNE who were promoting the 39th festival of KNE-Odigitis.  
The support given over years to the Nazi Golden Dawn by the capitalist elite seeks to attack and weaken the labour movement, and especially its most class-conscious and militant elements, the KKE, KNE and PAME.  
We are not fooled by the recent arrests of leading Golden Dawn members. Although the will of the people has forced the government to act against these murderous thugs, Greek capitalism will continue to use fascism to protect its interests, and those of the Troika, whether through Golden Dawn or an alternative.  
We salute the response of the KKE to fascist provocations. In mobilising the workers, young people, the unemployed and the popular strata, the KKE is combating fascism in the most effective way - by political education and popular action. The KKE has taken the lead in the struggle against fascism and against the cuts imposed by the capitalist elite and the Troika. It has taken the lead in the struggle for socialism and to defend the interests of the workers and popular strata. The fascists will not succeed in their attacks on the KKE and the class-conscious forces among young people and within the labour movement.  
Fascism will be defeated.  
Michael Finnegan,
John Lowry
General Secretary
The Workers' Party of Ireland
24A-25 Hill Street
Dublin 1

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics