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Lack of information on Lisbon Treaty is crisis for democracy
Workers Party Public Meeting in Bray

Padraig Mannion
Padraig Mannion

Padraig Mannion, Bray local representative and Lisbon Treaty campaign director for the Workers’ Party, said that the lack of accurate information being made available to the people by the government creates a real crisis for democracy.

“The Lisbon Treaty was signed off more than six months ago. The printed version of the Treaty which I have is dated 17th December 2007, more than five months ago. Yet in all that time the government and the Yes side have failed to circulate this important text to the people. Now the Taoiseach (who has not even read the treaty) and his cronies whinge when concerned citizens raise issues that are vital to our future.

“The holding of the referendum in mid-June is a glaring example of the cynicism of the government in relation to democracy. The original date pencilled in for the referendum was mid October 2008. However, as the Mulhall e-mails reveal, this date was discarded as it would allow too long a debate and also it would happen in the middle of the French EU Presidency. It was felt by those on high that France could not be relied upon to manage and massage news to the satisfaction of the Yes campaign in Ireland.

“On 12th June the Irish people will decide whether or not we wish to fundamentally change the Irish constitution. We hope this meeting will help people get informed on some of the vital issues involved."

Mr. Mannion was announcing details of a public meeting which will be held in Bray on Thursday 5th May.

Date:               Thursday 5th June

Venue:            Heather House Hotel

Commences: 7.45pm


Padraig Mannion: Workers Party

Máire Ní Bheaglaoich: Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA)

Frank Keoghan: Peoples Movement

All Welcome.


Also on Thursday, 5th June
Public Meeting - Debate on the Lisbon Treaty
Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 @ 7.45pm.
(Hilton is directly opposite Kilmainham Jail)
Malachy Steenson - Workers' Party
Mary Upton TD - Labour Party
Chair: Michael Finnegan, President, the Workers Party
All welcome


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