Release Margaretta D'arcy

Bravery of veteran peace campaigner in stark contrast to that of government

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan, has called for the immediate unconditional release of 79 year old Margaretta D’arcy from Limerick Prison where she is being held for her refusal to give an undertaking to desist from protesting at Shannon Airport in opposition to US military flights.

Mr. Finnegan said that the bravery of Ms. D’arcy was in stark contrast with the cowardice of the government on the issue.    He said that in particular Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore should “hold his head in shame” that he had reneged on a promise to end the use of Shannon airport for such flights.


“It is not Margaretta D’arcy who is on trial here, it is the Irish state”, said Mr. Finnegan.  “Margaretta is being treated like a common criminal for bravely taking a stand over many years to highlight Ireland’s refusal to comply with international law in relation to rendition flights and the government’s utter disregard for its self-stated policy of neutrality”.

The Workers Party President called for the immediate release of Ms. D’arcy without preconditions.   He said that instead of being jailed Ms. D’arcy and others who continue to highlight the situation at Shannon should be hailed and honoured for their bravery and tenacity


Issued 23rd January 2014

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics