SR Technics workers need more than promises

Anger as 600 jobs to go in viable aircraft maintenance plant

The Workers’ Party have said that the remaining workers at SR Technics at Dublin Airport needed more than promises from the government on the future of their jobs.


Dublin North West Workers’ Party spokesman John Dunne said that the assurances from the government that everything possible was being done to find a buyer for the plant and save some of the jobs was a “worthless promise”.


“These workers have heard it all before.  They helped create a viable company, Team Aer Lingus, and worked hard for the company for many years.  When Team Aer Lingus was sold off the workers were told to give up their letters of comfort as state employees and promised that their futures were secure.  That promise evaporated into thin air and further promises will cut no ice with these workers”, said Mr. Dunne.


“The layoff of 600 workers today is a black day for the workers at SR Technics and for the region as a whole.  It will have a huge adverse effect on the local economy.  If only the government put a fraction of the amount of energy and finance they have expended on shoring up the rotten banking system into the plant instead there might be some hope but as it is these workers  are facing hard times and uncertainty because the multinational owners of a viable and vibrant aircraft maintenance plant want to go elsewhere to avail of cheap labour and lesser conditions”, the Workers’ Party spokesman said.


Issued 3rd April 2009

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