Steenson for Dublin Central

Malachy Steenson to represent Workers Party in forthcoming bye-election

Malachy Steenson (right) with Workers' Party President Michael Finnegan at this morning's Press Conference (03/04/09).

Announcing his candidacy for the Workers’ Party in the forthcoming Dublin Central Bye-election to be held on June 5th Malachy Steenson stated: “I am delighted that the electorate in Dublin Central is getting this unique opportunity to give a mid-term verdict on the pathetic performance of this government and the equally pathetic alternative being offered by Fine Gael.


“Let us be quite clear. This country is in economic meltdown. Yesterday’s unemployment figures were further proof, if proof was needed, of the scale of the crisis facing workers and their families. It now appears likely that there will be 500,000 people unemployed in this state before the end of the year", said Malachy Steenson.


Issued 3rd April 2009


“The mantra from the establishment is that we are all in this together and we must all share the pain. This mantra is being used as the smokescreen for a vicious attack on the public sector, on public services; on social welfare recipients, and on workers in general. We reject this mantra and we reject the so-called solutions that derive from its underlying philosophy.


“Irish society is a most unequal society. During the so-called Celtic Tiger years a small minority in the building, banking and related sectors made massive fortunes while the vast majority of the population struggled with massive mortgages, soaring childcare costs, and inadequate state services. This crisis was not caused by the public sector, by school children, by the elderly, or by the working class. Therefore these sectors should not have to bear the brunt of the cost of recovery.


“I am not going to rehash here our analysis of the causes of the present crisis. We launched a comprehensive document on this matter in early February. What I do propose to do is set out a set of steps which the government can immediately undertake to alleviate this crisis and bring some hope to thousands of people across the country".


*  An immediate programme of house building, under the control of the Local Authorities, to clear some of the backlog for social housing.


*  The nationalisation of AIB and BOI to safeguard the state’s investment and to provide the state with the tools to invest directly in the economy.


*  The introduction of a 50% tax rate for all income which exceeds 300% of the average industrial wage.


*  The ending of the many tax loopholes which presently allows for massive and immoral tax avoidance.


*  Ending the scandal of opportunistic “Tax Exile” status being conferred on high worth individuals whose assets and income are based in this country.


*  A national Fuel Security strategy based on our own reserves of oil and natural gas thus ending the great oil and gas robbery.


*  A Job creation policy based on our own natural resources, including our marine and agricultural assets.


*  A cast iron guarantee for Social Welfare recipients and old age pensioners.

*  Job creation though the provision of necessary infrastructure - schools, hospitals, roads etc - funded through Government bonds.


*  A clear-out of cronyism in the top echelons of State Boards starting with the DDDA in this area.


Issued 3rd April 2009.


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