Cllr. Ted Tynan

Ted Tynan is the Workers' Party candidate in Cork City North East


Ted Tynan has been a community activist and campaigner for many years. He was elected to Cork City Council in 2009 having served a previous term on the council in the 1980s.  Ted is a native of Ballyphehane but has lived in Mayfield for most of his life.  A former Chairman of Mayfield East Comunity Association, Ted is one of the best known and most active public representatives in Cork City.  Has been involved a wide range of campaigns, too numerous to list here. 
Ted has led the campaign against service charges and was among a number of householders who were jailed by Cork City Council in the 1990s on this issue.  He continues to lead the battle against water charges and privatisation of the public water supply.  He has been at the forefront of the fight on Cork City Council against cutbacks, junkets and the erosion of local democracy.
Ted Tynan has a record second to none.  He is a class fighter who puts people first, not banks speculators or bureaucrats.  
To contact Ted with an issue or to join his campaing, telephone him at (086) 1908281.

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics