Finnegan endorses Waterford local election candidates

Councillor Davy Walsh to be joined on Workers Party ticket by Willie Moore and Brian Hearne

Finnegan with Waterford candidates
L-R: Brian Hearne, Willie Moore, Mick Finnegan, Davy Walsh

The President of The Workers Party, Michael Finnegan, was in Waterford last night (Friday) to attend the Party Selection Convention for next years local government elections.


Mr Finnegan said,

“ I am delighted that The Workers Party here in Waterford is once again putting forward 3 strong and capable candidates in the Waterford City wards. The Workers Party record of representation on Waterford City Council is unrivalled and goes back over 40 years. During all of that time the Party representatives have served the working class without fear or favour.”

“Working class representation is needed now more than ever.”, said Mr. Finnegan. “Sadly after these elections Waterford City Council will be no more, something which is yet another attack on democracy and the rights of people. The working class of this city and its hinterland continue to bear the burden of bailing out the banks and speculators.”

“All talk of exiting the bailout and the economic hard times being over carries no truck with the families of this city who will for many years to come face ever increasing household costs, unemployment, a housing crisis, more cuts to the health and education services, the denial of their pension rights and who live in a region neglected by central government.”

“Only The Workers Party can give any hope to people that there is a better and different way. All other Parties have failed the people of Waterford.”, said Mick Finnegan.

“I am delighted that Councillor Davy Walsh is once again leading The Workers Party team. I know that along with Willie Moore and Brian Hearne that they are a formidable team.” They know the concerns of the people of Waterford because they are on the ground everyday, every week of the year, fighting with people for better conditions and standards of living for families and the entire community.”


Issued 9th November 2013

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics